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    Promoting health and improving opportunities in Aboriginal communities.
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    EON Founder and Chair, Caroline de Mori, winner of the 2012 WA Local Hero Award for her work in Indigenous health improvement.
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    EON Thriving Communities Program with the main focus being chronic disease prevention.
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    Providing health and hygiene education as well as easy access to fruit and vegetables.
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    Increasing access for remote communities to fruit and vegetables, good nutrition and hygiene education.
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    Teaching communities how to grow fruit, vegetables and bush tucker.
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    Tailored and community-driven “hand-up not hand-out” services and programs.
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    Reconnecting children with the land and their cultural traditions through creation of bushtucker and medicine gardens.
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    Self-sustaining, strong local community backing and well-defined goals.
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    EON supports local Indigenous employment and local Indigenous business.


EON Foundation was created in 2005 to provide practical support to improve the health and well being of Aboriginal people in remote indigenous communities in Western Australia. The not-for-profit organisation delivers the EON Thriving Communities Program with the main focus being chronic disease prevention.

Australian children in remote indigenous communities are more susceptible to life threatening diseases due to poor health and diet.
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Click here to view our interactive EON Foundation Annual Report 2013.

EON Lotterywest Commercial

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Hear from the Communities

EON Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides assistance to indigenous individuals and communities, with a particular focus on Western Australia.

Project Locations

EON Foundation has a range of Edible Gardens location around the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Click above to view our interactive project location map.

Grow ‘em up Fund

EON has established the Grow ‘em Up Fund to raise $5m in 5 years with the aim to ensure that indigenous children in remote communities no longer suffer third world health problems in a first world economy.