Minister Sussan Ley with the Bidyadanga school kids in their garden

Louie Yanawana, Frankie Shovellor & Barton Wilson with Minister Sussan Ley beside La Grange School’s EON Garden Sign

The Bidyadanga La Grange School students and EON Foundation welcomed the Federal Health Minister, the Hon Sussan Ley MP, to their Edible Garden today. The children showed the Minister around the thriving food garden that has provided mountains of fresh and nutritious vegetables for the children to eat since it was established two years ago.

The Minister visited the community to see the EON Foundation Thriving Communities Program, which has been delivered to 17 remote communities across the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, in operation. EON’s unique program helps reduce poor health and diseases caused by lack of fresh fruit and vegetables available in remote communities.

EON Chair Caroline de Mori said that after a recent meeting in Canberra, the Minister had accepted an invitation to see the program on-the-ground and was interested to learn more about the innovative and successful model that was delivering a sustainable health and nutrition training and education program.

“The statistics about poor health in Aboriginal communities is well known,” Ms de Mori said. “19% of the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health in Australia is due to poor nutrition, but it’s difficult to have a healthy lifestyle when there is limited access to fresh food that is affordable.”

The Bidyadanga students presented the Minister with a bouquet of spinach leaves from the garden and she unveiled a sign for the garden fence that celebrates the partnership between the school, EON and the community.

“The children were so excited to welcome such a special visitor,’ Ms de Mori said, “and EON is thrilled that she has taken time in her busy schedule to see the program for herself and meet some of the children who are benefiting from it.”

Kannis Norman, Jahran Kitty show the Minister around

Accompanied by EON Project Manager Suzanne O’Connell

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