Help Us Grow!

Help Us Grow!

It’s that time of year when many of us pack up shoeboxes of receipts and head-off to the weary accountants for the end of financial year ritual. Why not add another receipt to your tax deductions and donate to EON Foundation?

Did you know?

  • 19% of the national Indigenous health gap is caused by poor diet, particularly low fruit and vegetable consumption
  • By age 5 over 70% of Aboriginal children start school with hearing loss, of which poor nutrition is a major cause?
  • Remote children suffer nutritional anaemia and malnutrition at 30 times the rate of Perth children?

EON provides an opportunity for remote communities to grow the skills to establish and maintain food gardens, integrating the produce into school lunches and home meals that fit into the community’s unique way of life. ​

Ten years on EON has proven its success and is a fantastic tax deductible investment in the future of our Aboriginal children living in remote Western Australia. Soon to be delivering our invitation-only program to the 23rd community across the Kimberley and Pilbara, now more than ever your donation can have a big impact on the health and life opportunities of children and their families. By ensuring they have a secure and fresh supply of fruit and vegetables, you will be helping prevent terrible nutrition-related diseases that hamper their health, education and wellbeing and lead to lifelong social and economic disadvantage.

“It’s been really good with EON and they make it fun. They taught all the young fellas about reticulation, and how to plant your veggies and at what time and make sure you look after them, and how to eat properly.” 

– Clifton Smith, Looma community, Kimberley