EON Thriving Communities

20140611_Warmun_EEG_Pak_Choi_F5957EON’s Thriving Communities Program is currently being delivered in 16 communities in WA – 13 across the Kimberley region and 3 in the Pilbara.

The Program takes a holistic approach to addressing the problems of food insecurity and poor nutrition in remote communities. It integrates four complementary components: EON Edible Gardens, EON Healthy Eating, EON Training and Education, and EON Healthy Homes.

The Program is delivered by an EON Project Manager in the community every fortnight for five years. This builds trust and a reputation for reliability which is vital in fully engaging the community and sustaining the Program over the long term.

The EON Difference

EON offers the only holistic nutrition-based approach targeting the major challenges in remote Indigenous communities – preventable disease, unhealthy lifestyles and food insecurity.

Our approach is different and is effective because:057_Lotterywest Eon_20130510 Compressed Web version

  • It is a long-term practical approach developing community capacity through working partnerships rather than passive handouts.
  • It is about early intervention to remove ‘impediments to parity in education’ – good nutrition is vital for healthy brain development in infants. It gets kids fit for school and helps keep them in school.
  • It provides a secure supply of fresh food – vegetables, fruit and bush tucker – where there is typically little or none.
  • It builds trust and a reputation for reliability through our presence in community every fortnight for five years – vital in building community engagement, capacity and ultimately ownership.
  • It uses nutrition as a preventative approach to disease reduction – which has proven efficacy, is natural and low cost.
  • It uses gardens as an alternative to the classroom, engaging kids including those who struggle with conventional learning, outdoors, on the land.