EON Thriving Communities

EON delivers the Thriving Communities Program to nine remote communities across the Kimberly region with a further three communities scheduled for commencement in 2013. The program consists of EON Edible Gardens, EON Healthy Eating, EON Training and Education, and EON Healthy Homes. Each community is different and participates in the program at their own pace according to community need, however, the EON Edible Garden forms the foundation for EON Thriving Communities and is the first part of the program to commence.

EON feels strongly about only implementing programs into communities that have invited them and who are willing participants. EON commits substantial resources for a five year period, and must be confident of community and school buy-in before proceeding. The demand for EON Thriving Communities is growing rapidly with a growing list of requests for the EON program in an expanding number of communities.