EON Edible Gardens

The EON Edible Gardens program teaches the planting and growing of fruit, vegetable, medicine plants and bush tucker gardens in remote communities and schools. The gardens are a source of free, healthy food and a great outdoor classroom for the children. EON employs well-known horticulturist, Sabrina Hahn, to help develop edible gardens in remote communities in consultation with community schools and leaders. EON Project Managers visit communities once per fortnight to take classes in the garden, support teachers with resources, conduct community workshops and provide informal and formal training.

The program:

  • Enables communities to have regular access to fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Increases Indigenous children’s awareness and understanding of the role of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet – which links well with the Unity of First People Australia (UFPA)’s diabetes awareness program
  • Encourages children to reconnect with the land and with elders to maintain traditional cultural knowledge around bush tucker and medicine plants
  • Educates and involves the children and community members in the shared experience of growing, harvesting and preparing their home-grown food
  • Provides a fun, hands-on learning environment for lessons in Maths, English, Science and Art.