Thriving Communities Program Snapshot

Thriving Communities Program Snapshot 


EON gets great engagement from the school and community in Kalumburu. On a recent visit, Treenie saw 20 community members and 106 school students in her Healthy Eating and gardening workshops. Nearly all of the wet season sweet potato crop has been harvested and used. This time of the year is all about planting – they planted capsicum, garlic chives, oregano, eggplant, silverbeet, passion fruit, tomato and spinach amongst other things! The compost heap is “cooking” well too.

Washing sweet potatoes for a community cook-up

Seed germination class at Kalumburu


EON has been busy in Warralong in the Pilbara since school began in February. The community cooking has received lots of interest and EON is employing local resident Emma Douglas (a nutritionist with links to Diabetes WA) to work alongside Susie, delivering Healthy Eating sessions and nutrition education. Recently, beef stir fry and rice was on the cooking class menu. The children have also been learning knife skills, food preparation and simple hygiene like washing hands before cooking.


At Bidyadanga, Suzanne reported a busy week having taken Healthy Eating sessions in the homemaker room with 50 children in total. They used garden produce including garlic, onion, chives, chilies and lemon grass to make seafood laksa.

Emma cooking with the high school girls