EON’s aim is to ensure that Aboriginal children in remote communities no longer suffer third world health problems in a first world economy.

Closing the Aboriginal health gap cannot be achieved with a band aid solution. A longer term sustainable solution is required. Improving nutrition early in life can deliver a generational improvement in Aboriginal health and help break the cycle of low engagement in education and employment.

There are many ways that you, your friends, associates and/or colleagues can get involved and make a change, including Corporate Partnerships, Workplace Giving, In Kind Support, Fundraising, Leaving a Bequest and/or making a regular or one-off Donation here.

To find out more, please contact our Executive Manager, Marie-Louise Carroll on (08) 9381 5403 or by email at marie-louise.carroll@eon.org.au

Helping Australian children suffering third world health problems in a first world economy.

  • Aboriginal children suffer nutritional anaemia and malnutrition at thirty times the rate of children living in Perth
  • More than 50 percent of Aboriginal people living in remote communities will acquire Type 2 diabetes caused by poor nutrition.
  • The Kimberley population has the 4th highest rate of diabetes in the world
  • Middle ear infections and other disease rates are higher than the poorest countries in the world
  • There is a 70 – 100 percent rate of hearing loss due to middle ear infections by the age of five in children in many remote communities
  • Oral health and infection in children is so bad that it contributes to increased rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and pre-term birthweight in adulthood
  • 19% of the national Aboriginal health gap is attributable to poor diet, particularly low fruit and vegetable intake.

Why EON is Different

EON’s approach focuses on a key determinant of good health – nutrition. Remote Aboriginal communities need access to fresh healthy food on a sustainable basis and the nutrition education to make the right dietary choices. EON offers the only holistic nutrition-based approach targeting these challenges.

Our approach is different and is effective because:

  • It is a long-term practical approach developing community capacity through working partnerships rather than passive handouts.
  • It is about early intervention to remove ‘impediments to parity in education’ – good nutrition is vital for healthy brain development in infants. It gets kids fit for school and helps keep them in school.
  • It provides a secure supply of fresh food – vegetables, fruit and bush tucker – where there is typically little or none.
  • It builds trust and a reputation for reliability through our presence in community every fortnight for five years – vital in building community engagement, capacity and ultimately ownership.
  • It uses nutrition as a preventative approach to disease reduction – which has proven efficacy, is natural and low cost.
  • It uses gardens as an alternative to the classroom, engaging kids including those who struggle with conventional learning, outdoors, on the land.

How can you help? 

You support – corporate or individual helps EON to grow its Thriving Communities Program to more communities in need. Because the Program is focused on early intervention and disease prevention, the impact of your contribution will be greatest for children. Through improved nutrition they stand a better chance of living a healthier life and achieving better outcomes in education and employment as a result.

A contribution to EON, is a contribution to improving the health and well-being of future generations of Aboriginal people in remote communities, where the health gap is currently at its widest:

  • You can assist EON in building a sustainable supply of healthy food in remote communities
  • You can support EON to build capacity in communities, to get infants healthy for school, to get kids engaged and thriving at school and adults  fit for and able to achieve in work.
  • You can help EON deliver regular training and employment in communities today, where opportunities are typically few, based around horticulture and the land.
  • You can contribute to the National Policy Agenda – targeting the big challenges of Aboriginal inequity and how to harness the potential of Aboriginal people in the interests of national development.

With your help, together we can make a vital contribution to improving the health and living standards of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

I am delighted to support the important work being done by EON in our remote communities, and encourage you to help expand and develop that work. Fresh fruit and vegetables not only provide much needed nutrition for the children and adults within these communities, but the development of the gardens in the communities provides opportunities to develop skills and engage in worthwhile activities, and to teach the value of a healthy lifestyle.


Wayne Martin
AC QC, Chief Justice of Western Australia
September 2012

EON Foundation is to be congratulated for providing programs in the Kimberley region that have proven to be very successful in improving the wellbeing of Indigenous communities, and for establishing its reputation as a respected and favoured provider of these programs. I commend the hard work and commitment of everyone associated with the Foundation.


Colin Barnett MLA
Premier of WA
20 December 2011

What Your Donation Provides

Your donation will help EON’s Thriving Communities Program grow, reaching more communities in need – building more edible gardens, delivering more nutrition education, training more local Aboriginal people. The four components of the Program are delivered together in a holistic approach in each community in which we operate, but the following examples indicate what your donation achieves:

  • Growing a local, sustainable fresh food supply and health nutrition education for one year – $120,000
  • Growing a local, sustainable fresh food supply and health nutrition education for five years – $550,000
  • Teaching children and community food and nutrition for one year – $25,000
  • Teaching children and community food and nutrition for five years – $110,000
  • Teaching home health and hygiene skills for one year – $40,000
  • Teaching home health and hygiene skills for five years – $170,000
  • Training and mentoring a local Program assistant for one year – $15,000

What EON Offers

EON appreciates and values all contributions to the EON Foundation and will seek to reflect this in providing appropriate recognition and feedback to donors. Most importantly we aim to deliver the value and outcomes you expect for your investment in our Program.

What you can expect:

  • Security in backing a proven non-government organisation with strong governance, a good reputation and proven track record
  • Pride in supporting grassroots investment in the future of Aboriginal children and adults
  • Acknowledgement on EON’s website and teaching materials
  • Regular newsletters and reports on EON’s progress and use of funds
  • EON speakers at your events to discuss the work of the EON Foundation
  • Photos and EON logo for use in promotion

Please contact one of our fantastic staff at admin@eon.org.au for further information.