Help us to grow healthy kids

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will that will help to create generational change in the health of those living in remote Aboriginal communities.

You can be very proud of your decision to leave a bequest to the EON Foundation but we encourage you to talk about your plans with your family, loved ones and to seek legal advice.

There are different types of gifts for which you can make provision in your Will including:

  1. A residuary gift – what is left of your estate once all other gifts and costs have been paid
  2. A pecuniary gift – a gift of a specific amount
  3. A percentage gift – a specific proportion of your estate
  4. A gift of assets – gifts of assets such as shares, property or real estate.

The following general wording can be used as the basis for a gift to the EON Foundation in your Will. You will also find suggested wording for specific clauses in the Information for Solicitors and Executors’.

“I give to EON Foundation [insert the details of your gift] and I direct that the receipt of the General Manager of the EON Foundation will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee.”

Please let us know if you have decided to leave a bequest to the EON Foundation so we can make sure we understand your wishes and how we might acknowledge your gift.  We would also like to keep you up to date with the activities of the EON Thriving Communities Program.

Any discussions that we have with you and your decision to make a bequest will be kept confidential unless you ask otherwise.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a bequest, please call our Executive Manager, Marie-Louise Carroll on:

t.  (08) 9381 5403

Thank you for your kind generosity.