Page 14 - EON Edible Garden Manual

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A small shadehouse is essential to sow
seeds and raise seedlings.
It should be completely enclosed by wire
and covered in 50% shadecloth.
Leave a small area in the shade house
with no shadecloth on the roof to harden
up seedlings 1 week before seedlings are
planted out in the garden beds.
The benches for seedling trays should be
metal and let the water drain through.
Roof mounted sprayers can be attached
to the roof to water seedlings from
above twice a day in the summer months
and once a day during the dry season.
Keeping the shadehouse clean (good
hygiene) is very important to stop the
spread of diseases.
The floor should be made of grit, cement,
beach sand or pavers so water doesn’t
lay on the ground and drains away.
Keep the area weed free.
Bags of soil should never be left on the