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Geographically and climatically the EON Edible Gardens are in two very different regions and
would be classi ed as coastal and semi to arid inland.
They have to be treated differently in terms of plant selection, soil types and timing of plantings.
Refer to plant guides for each area.
Coastal Climate Communities:
For example, One Arm Point, Djarindjin/
Lombadina, Beagle Bay, Kalamburu and
Milliya Rumurra.
In the wet season the coastal climate is very
humid and temperatures very rarely go beyond
40 degrees with very high humidity.
In the dry season the ocean has a moderating
effect of the night time temperatures which
are around 15-20 degrees and 28-30 degrees
during the day. Humidity is much higher in
coastal regions than desert regions.
Inland Climate Communities:
For example, Looma, Yungngora
(Noonkanbah), Kadjina, Wangkatjunka,
Warmun, Woolah (Doon Doon) and Ngalapita
In the inland regions temperatures can reach
45 degrees or more, and it is very dry with the
wind coming straight off the desert.
Inland regions in the dry can be very cold at
night. Dry easterly winds during the day may
give rise to a temperaturemaximumof perhaps
only 20-25 degrees even though it is sunny all
day. At night the temperature can drop to 10
degrees and below