Page 7 - EON Edible Garden Manual

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Vegetable gardens need to be in an open
sunny spot away from large trees.
Raised beds are good as they allow wet
season rain to fall away and it‘s easier to
control weeds.
The best size beds are 3 metres long, 2
metres wide and about 40cm high.
Do not use cardboard or newspaper
as the bottom layer as it will attract
If raised beds are too expensive use soil
raised up in a long mound 15cm high
and 30cm wide.
In windy areas, plant a wind break
around 3 sides with local plants.
Space rows 60cm apart. This will help
with drainage and make it easier to
control weeds. Plants can be placed in a
hole on top of the mound.
To control weeds, cover the ground
between beds with old carpet or shade
cloth covered with beach sand, shell
or gravel.
Use a combination of small trees and
shrubs to protect your vegetable garden.
If the garden is fenced grow climbers
such as passion fruit, bush banana,
choko, petrea, pyrostegia or jasmine.