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Soil in the Kimberley region varies from
red pindan to heavy black clay.
Coastal areas are predominantly pindan,
river sand or loam, but inland it can be
yellow loam, black or brown loam/clay
and river sand.
When verywet, pindan is soft andmushy,
when dry it cracks and goes hard.
Black and brown clay is very hard and
cracks when dry and goes like cement in
the wet season.
The best soil for veggies is one that
drains well, keeps some moisture during
the hot months and does not crack.
To make veggies grow strong you will
need to mix up a combination of pindan,
course river sand and manure.
If you have heavy clay soil you will
need to add gypsum, coarse river sand,
manure, straw or hay.
Veggies grow fast so you will need to
fertilise them as they grow. You can use
different fertilisers, either pellets, slow
release or liquid fertiliser.