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Personal Hygiene
It is important whenever handling food that there is a high standard of personal hygiene.
Even healthy people carry food poisoning bacteria.
Make sure you follow these rules for heating cooking and eating!
Wash your
• Washing your hands thoroughly reduces the chance of contaminating food
with bacteria.
• Wash your hands with soap and water, and don’t forget to wash the backs
of your hands, wrists, and between your fingers.
• Thoroughly dry your hands after you wash them; always dry your hands on
a clean towel.
• If you have to do any of the following while cooking remember to wash you
hands again: Go to the toilet, blow your nose, handle garbage, touch your
ears, nose, mouth, touch or play with animals.
Tie your
hair back
Tie your hair back and don’t touch or play with it while cooking.
Keep body
fluids away
from food
• Do not sneeze, cough, or blow your nose over food; walk away from the
food preparation area.
• If you have a cut or wound make sure they are covered up by a bandage or
• If you are feeling unwell it is best to not cook as you can easily transfer your
illness to others who may eat your food.
• If you have protective clothing such as an apron put it on when cooking.
• Make sure long sleeves are rolled up and that clothing does not dangle into
the food.
• Take off any jewellery and watches.