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Kitchen Hygiene
It is important to keep the kitchen or cooking preparation area clean and safe for cooking.
When cooking and preparing food, follow these tips:
• Before you start cooking and after cooking wipe down your work area
thoroughly so that no food scraps are left behind.
• After you have used a chopping board or bench top with raw meat, you must
wash it down well with hot and soapy water before putting anything else on
that area, including knives and other cutlery and plates, bowls etc.
• Thoroughly clean and dry any equipment, including cutlery, bowls,
chopping boards, bench tops, fry pans, stirring spoons etc and the sink
used while cooking.
• Make sure there are no food scraps left in the sink as cockroaches will be
attracted to them.
• Wash kitchen and eating utensils after use in hot soapy water.
• Wash the cleanest dishes first, and then the messiest dishes last, so you
don’t have to change the dishwater as often.
Work space
• If cooking inside you will need to sweep and mop the floor before and after
• Always keep pets out of the cooking area.
fruit and
• Rinse all fruit and vegetables in clean water to remove soil, bacteria,
and insects.
Food storage
• Don’t leave cooked food out of the fridge for more than an hour.
• Store all your cooked food and leftovers in the fridge in a good container or a
bowl. Cover with Gladwrap as soon as possible.
• If food needs to be thrown out put it in the bin straight away; Do not keep it
in the fridge.
• Don’t put cooked food on an unwashed plate or cutting board that held raw
food. Always use a clean plate.