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Cooking Safety Tips
There’s lots of hot, sharp and spiky things you use when cooking, so stay safe and follow
these cooking safety tips:
Wear a clean apron that will protect you from
hot spills and messing up your clothes.
Wear closed-in shoes (if possible) to protect
your feet, in case of hot spills or breakages.
Wash your hands before and after handling
Do not run around the room where food is
being prepared.
Make sure you don't bump any one when they
are cooking and handling knives or anything
Wipe up food spills immediately, especially on
the floor so no one slips and falls.
Handle knives and other sharp equipment with
care and ask for help if you are unsure.
Don't put knives in the sink with hot soapy
water, because you won’t be able to see the
knife and may cut yourself when you go to
wash the dishes. Keep it next to the sink and
wash it when you are ready.
When using a knife, always cut away from
yourself or downwards on a chopping board to
avoid cutting yourself.
Keep your fingers out of the way when cutting,
and cut slowly- take your time!
Turn handles of saucepans away from the front
of the stove when cooking, so they don't stick
out from the stove. This is so no one can brush
past the pan or kids can’t pull it down and spill
hot food on them.
Use oven mitts or two tea towels when taking
hot dishes from the oven or microwave.
Keep electrical appliances away from water to
avoid shocks. Stay away from electrical sockets,
especially if your hands are wet.
If you can't quite reach the bench or a
cupboard, use a stool or wooden step to help
you up; dont jump.
Always pick up knives by their handle and do
not point them at anyone. Be sure to only use a
knife when an adult is close by.
If you burn yourself, tell an adult immediately
and run it under cold water or put an ice pack
on it.
Before leaving the kitchen, check that the oven,
stove and all appliances are all turned off.
Never add water to a pan with hot oil in it.
Oil and water always splatter and could
burn someone.
Keep paper towels, dish towels and pot holders
away from the stove and oven so they don't
catch on fire.