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Thank you to all our generous donors in the 2021/2022 Financial Year – we simply couldn’t do our work without your valued support.

The Bass Family Foundation
The James Galvin Foundation
Gum Tree Foundation
Burton Family Foundation
Tony Fairweather
Marilyn Burton
HBF Health Ltd
Clancy McDowell
APS Foundation
Joyner Family Charitable Giving Account
W. Fairweather & Son
Chris Fernande (South32 Workplace Giving)
Marcus Harris
Rodney Bray
Felicity Flack
United Way (Chevron Workplace Giving)
Arthur Rosenwald
Carol Evans
Jack Shimizu
Kathleen Daniels
Angela Pankhurst
Nicki Cartledge
Jennifer Hunt
Lloyd Golja

Richard Pearce
Helen McDevitt
Margaret Landvogt
Geoffrey Yeo
Barry Springfield
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Noel & Ann Kennon
Penuel Hall
WJ & LM Shirley
Dianna Hastrich
Bob Stephenson
Sally Audeyev
Jessica Ward
Nigel Williamson
Andrew Hollamby
Linley Mitchell
Chris Cook
Margaret Gozzard
Sandfire Resources
Bryce Foster
Helena O’Hara
Janet Maslen
Karina De Masson
Suzanne Watt

Shannan Ryan
Mark Killmier
Michael Willcock
Pam Bond
Kyren Lazaurus
Adele Davey
Jennifer Barwick
Glenys Scott
Gabrielle Chevalley
Terry & Karen Hollington
Rosemary Portelli
Sandra Criddle
Margaret Groves
Tim Scanlon
Peter Ogden
Anna Watts
Trudy Smith
Lachlan Northey
Rob Healy
Damien Stephens
Anna Heitz
Anna Morris
Jenny Hurse
Sally Dighton

"Having travelled to remote and regional areas across Australia, I have seen first-hand the challenges facing Aboriginal children living in community. I give to EON because I want to give to an organisation working at the grass roots level."

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