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Our Impact

EON’s Thriving Communities Program is outcomes-based. We have a clear Program Guide with practical milestones. We carry out Monitoring and Evaluation of our program in accordance with a well-developed framework.

The qualitative outcomes of the EON Thriving Communities Program have been significant, with reported improvements in health outcomes in participating children along with long term behaviour changes relating to food and nutrition, improved school attendance and engagement as well as training and employment opportunities for adult community members.

The results of our most recent comprehensive survey across 10 communities receiving our program for between 6 months and three years showed significant impacts for children and adults in terms of health and education.

Here’s what the Principals, teachers and students told us:

Principals and Teachers


have seen positive changes in student attitudes and behaviours as a result of the EON program.


have used the EON program as a basis for lessons in other areas.


have seen improvements in the health of their students since the school partnered with EON.



can identify the link between nutritious food and physical health.


identify EON as their primary source of learning about health and nutrition.


enjoy growing fruit and vegetables in the EON garden and like learning how to cook healthy meals.

You can read more in the report here:

The EON Thriving Communities Program has been independently evaluated by KPMG. Highlights from their findings include:

The Program Is Appropriate

  • EON takes ‘a genuine community development approach that values long term engagement over rapid delivery, local capacity-building over passive hand-outs and practical cooperation over top-down intervention.’

The Program is Effective

  • All Principals interviewed by KPMG expressed their support for the EON Edible Garden, not only as a means to facilitate access to fresh fruit and vegetables, but also as a valuable education resource:
    – “A fantastic opportunity for hands-on and interactive activities that can be linked to a range of curriculum areas”.
    – “It is widely acknowledged that EON Foundation is operationally efficient and effective”.

The Program is delivering Positive Impact

  • The evidence is strong that there has been a demonstrable improvement in the horticultural and healthy eating knowledge and skills of children.
  • Feedback from stakeholders and observation from KPMG suggests that the EON Thriving Communities Program is contributing to increased awareness of the link between fresh food, nutrition and good health amongst community members.

You can read more in the report here:

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