Strelley Remote Community School Goes on a 1,480km Bush Camp

Who wouldn’t want to be a student at Strelley Community School in the Pilbara this week?  On Monday, 7th August 2017, it was ‘shoulders to the wheel’ as approximately 40 kids and 20 adults packed up and headed out early to start their 10-day, 1,480 km school camp across the Kimberley !!

The co-curricular excursion is a collaboration between the EON Foundation and the CSIRO’s Pathways Science program, which targets primary and middle school students in remote Indigenous communities and uses on-country projects as the context for learning science linked to Indigenous ecological knowledge.  Read more about this amazing program here.

As the bus took off with the kids all wearing their EON t-shirts, designed by Tahlia, one of our very own students from Strelley, they were looking forward to a busy itinerary of cultural activities and on country learning at numerous communities along the way.

“We aim for the trip to expand the current garden and nutrition knowledge of the students by introducing them to and strengthening ties with other remote EON communities in WA”, said Jenny, EON’s Pilbara based Project Manager.

“The trip will also empower students and community members to share their current knowledge with other communities and encourage them to take on leadership roles within their own community.” Jenny added.

As part of the EON learning sessions, students have been preparing nutritious snacks and dinners each day.

Community elders also attend the camp, providing opportunities for important cultural bush tucker knowledge to be shared with the younger generations as well as enabling them to:

  • Develop the leadership skills of students;
  • Increase nutrition and garden knowledge;
  • Increase skills in students to be leaders and contributing members of their community;
  • Provide growth opportunity for community to discover education and/or employment pathways of which they might not have otherwise been aware; and
  • A further way to integrate the “two-way” science teaching and learning program into the Warralong Community.

Good luck Strelley – go well and keep us posted.  We hope the bus holds out all the way back to Warralong!!

Together we are strong.