Be a workplace champion . . .

. . . and help ensure that children living in remote Aboriginal communities have access to a secure and freely accessible supply of fresh, healthy food to grow up healthy, participate fully at school and increase opportunities for work later on.

The impact of workplace giving can be substantial.

In many cases, organisations will match staff donations . . . effectively doubling each employee’s annual contribution!

Besides helping to ‘close the gap’, employees pay less tax as their donation reduces their taxable income.  As such, the tax benefit is received up front, making cash flow easier and more predictable.

Getting your Workplace Giving Program off the ground

We’ll support you all the way with the things you need to start the conversation with your employer including our comprehensive Workplace Giving Kit, that includes information for staff, payroll, lunch-room posters, brochures and lots of content for your internal company communication channel or intranet.

Then, when you’re up and running we’ll keep you regularly updated on the progress of your Program with newsletters, updates and stories and pictures from the communities that together we serve.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss workplace giving with you.

Please contact our Executive Manager on
t.  (08) 9381 5403