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March 2022

Thanks to our Dietitian…

Reflecting back on Dietitians Week (21-27 March), we are reminded of how much we value the work of nutrition specialists. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Lucie, one of our valued Project Managers & a qualified dietitian. Lucie delivers our Thriving Communities program at MacFarlane School in Katherine & at the remote school […]

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Our ‘West Aussie Great’!

 EON’s Executive Chair and Founder, Caroline de Mori, recently shared the story of EON’s beginnings for the ‘West Aussie Greats’ segment on Perth’s 6PR radio station. Caroline’s earlier career took her to remote parts of WA where she witnessed first-hand the nutritional poverty experienced by so many Aboriginal children, and learnt about the ongoing impacts this

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You’ve goat to be kidding me!

Unwanted insects and other small pests are a challenge to all veggie gardeners, but our fearless Project Managers working in remote regions face some bigger marauders in the EON gardens- with occasional visits from kangaroos, emus, buffalo and cattle to contend with! Developing skills to manage these visitors are generally gained ‘on-the-job’, but sometimes we’re

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