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Thriving Communities Program

Our Thriving Communities Program sits at the heart of EON’s vision to make a lasting contribution in our communities through the reduction of preventable and chronic disease caused by poor nutrition. 

The invitation-only program is outcomes-based and addresses two of the main underlying causes of poor health:

  • food insecurity, and
  • a lack of education around good health and nutrition.

The program is delivered by EON’s Project Managers who visit their communities fortnightly for up to five years. We build up trust and strong relationships through our regular presence over a sustained period. Wherever possible, EON employs local Community Assistants to work alongside the Project Manager and we offer informal and formal training in nutrition and horticulture.

The Thriving Communities Program incorporates three complementary components:

EON Edible Gardens:

With the establishment of a large vegetable, fruit and bush tucker garden in the community school, children learn how to grow and harvest fresh produce. The gardens become a source of freely available healthy food and an engaging outdoor classroom for the children. Hands-on gardening classes and workshops are provided to the students, their parents and other members of the community.

EON Healthy Eating:

EON teaches children and their families the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables, how to prepare and cook healthy food in an hygienic manner, and the importance of balanced nutrition in maintaining good health. Produce from the edible garden is used to deliver nutrition and cooking lessons as part of the school timetable and in community workshops for adults.

EON Education and Training:

EON provides formal and informal education and training, developing skills in horticulture and nutrition in schools and communities. This builds the capacity and confidence of local people to maintain the edible gardens and sustain program outcomes over the long term. The training and mentoring of the Community Assistants we employ to work alongside our Project Managers is an integral part of the program.

“With EON, students get to understand the importance of good nutrition using the products from the garden that they have helped create.”

The program is designed to:

Ensure there is a source of fresh, healthy food available.
Teach children and adults to grow their own food and prepare it in a healthy environment.

Provide nutrition education to encourage healthy choices.

Provide training and local employment to to build community capacity and ensure long-term outcomes.

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