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Collecting On-Country

EON is proud to employ Stephen Mason (known as Mason) as a Community Assistant at Marble Bar.

Last month, EON’s Project Managers Share Greenwood and Tim Richards had the privilege of being invited by Mason and his mother Pat to their bush camp on the family’s spiritual and ancestral land, Tharra and Karnparnmana country. This sensitive cultural area of inland Pilbara is home to a significant archaeologically rich part of WA.

Off the main grid, the camp is tucked away with no mobile reception in the area, unless you are prepared to scale a nearby hill!

The group spent the trip travelling to the family’s sacred places and collecting bush tucker and bush medicine under the expert guidance of Mason and Pat. They identified plants that can be used to heal a variety of illnesses and numerous bush tucker plants such as figs, berries, bachaler, bush cucumbers and bush tomatoes.

With the permission of Mason’s family, the EON team collected many native species with plans to experiment with further growth back on home soil at both Hedland and Newman. When signs of life appear, EON will take some of the cuttings to Marble Bar so that Mason can continue to experiment with growing them.

We are so fortunate that our Project Managers were trusted to share in such a special experience and gain knowledge they can now share in their work for EON.

“As we were on country with Mason we were able to collect medicinal and bush tucker plants and seeds. The seeds I am going to try to propagate include bush cucumber, Stuart’s desert pea, native hibiscus, native lemongrass and green bird flower.

Growing bush tucker and bush medicine comes down to collaboration, time and experimenting with propagation techniques. There are many benefits in growing local Pilbara flora including education, health and potentially a small enterprise could be set up by the community if the skills and knowledge are there”. Tim Richards, Project Manager, Pilbara.





On-County in the Pilbara

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