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Gardens to go!

With some of our Project Managers unable to visit their communities during the last few weeks due to COVID-19 restrictions, an innovative approach has been required. 

Now, more than ever, we feel the importance of communicating our messages to remote communities about nutrition and healthy eating and their link to good health, as well as supporting our communities to continue with the production and harvesting of local healthy produce. Food security in some communities has been an issue during the pandemic, so having the skills and tools for locals to grow their own fruit and vegetables is even more important than usual.

One example of thinking “outside the box”: in the Northern Territory EON Project Managers have designed and assembled “home garden kits”.

Comprising wire, piping, cables ties, netting/mesh, irrigation equipment and assembly tools, the home garden kits are designed for easy construction and installation in community. The kits are being delivered to remote communities along with instructions on how to create a basic vegetable garden.

Kevin, a community member from Pine Creek, sent us the cover photo of his assembled garden – we look forward to seeing the photos come harvest time!





Home Garden Kit

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