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Highlights from Clyde Fenton 2022

“I appreciate working with the Clyde Fenton students, they are always keen to work and help. This makes me enjoy coming to work each day.”

  • EON Project Manager, Clyde Fenton (NT)

The EON program is in its second year at Clyde Fenton Primary School.  EON classes are delivered each fortnight to children from pre-school to Year 6. Lessons have also been held with children in the day care program and with students from Katherine High School. More recently, EON has started delivering community workshops with some of the students’ families in the nearby community of Binjari.

The school has both a good-sized garden and orchard. The veggie garden is a wonderful space – it’s allowed the students to develop skills in all phases of the growing process – from preparing the beds to harvesting the produce.  In addition to a variety of veggies, lots of companion plants (herbs and flowers) have been planted this year – and it’s really improved the quality of the harvest.

Running outdoor healthy eating classes in the school garden has been a real hit with all the students.  We’ve discussed why fresh food is good for our bodies; the children have enjoyed preparing meals using fresh garden produce with this new-found awareness.

The garden in the day care area is small, but productive – so much so that the teachers have been using fresh garden produce in the children’s lunches on a daily basis. 

And in Binjari, work is underway in partnership with community members to revitalise the existing garden space -everyone is excited about the opportunities here!

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