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Highlights from Pine Creek 2022

At Pine Creek School EON has delivered fortnightly classes to students ranging from the very young children at the FaFT up to Year 6.

Harvested fruit and vegetables were used in cooking classes and in the school kitchen to create delicious meals for the students. Excess produce was taken home to be enjoyed by families and the wider community.

At neighbouring Kybrook Farm the newly established garden is thriving. We started there with a blank canvas this year and have put in 15 new trees, fruit vines, and bush tucker plants, along with vegetables requested by the community members. The rockmelon vine has produced 10 fruits which were given out to the community who have also been the grateful beneficiaries of chillis, tomatoes, kale and cabbages. The banana orchard also continues to produce some beautiful bunches!

We are awaiting the decision of the local council as to where we can establish a new garden for the whole community to access. The aged care participants in particular have shown great interest in having a garden they can tend to.

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