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Meet Stephen Mason from Marble Bar

Stephen Mason is the EON Community Assistant at Marble Bar.  He joined EON in June 2019, and has contributed to both the EON garden at the school and the delivery of the EON Program in the classroom.  His work has been particularly important during the recent COVID-19 pandemic when the Program Manager was unable to visit the community.

Stephen is from the Kariyarra language group of the north-west of Western Australia. He believes the EON program benefits the kids through healthy cooking and healthy eating.

He says, “I love the process of ‘start to finish’ in the garden and I love the food we get.  I enjoy working with the EON Project Manage because I learn on the job and am skilling up. My time in the garden time is therapeutic and it’s an achievement when things start to grow.”

At Marble Bar Stephen also works as the school gardener and as an all-rounder and handyman.

When he is not working he loves to go camping, prospecting and hunting. 

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